FM Ministries

Ministries at Five Mile Church of the Nazarene

In all things, the staff and volunteers at Five Mile Church of the Nazarene seek to help each person on their spiritual journey.  Whether you are participating in the worship team, learning biblical truths in a classroom setting, sitting in a support group for parents, or are involved in another aspect of learning or ministry, our prayer is that you will know you have been touched by Jesus when you go back to your daily tasks.  God bless you in every part of your life!

Sunday Worship & Celebration

Sundays are a big celebration of God's grace in our lives!


We meet together in person and on 

Swahili Ministries

Karibu! Mungu akubariki! (Welcome! God Bless You!)

We are excited to have a service in Swahili. Prayer, praise and God's Word are shared each Sunday at 10 AM. All are welcome!

FM Naz Youth Group
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baptismExperience the Bible through the eyes of Jesus! We are currently studying the Sermon on the Mount as we dig deep and discover the truth about God's Kingdom.

Plus teens enjoy fun activities and fellowship in a youth group that welcomes everyone on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Children's Ministries
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We love your kids! At Five Mile, we take ministry to children seriously...but we have a lot of fun in the process!  On Sundays we start out with the adults in "big church" at 10 a.m. and then move to the Ed Building for Sunday School with all children.

On Wednesdays we incorporate music, scripture, games and lots of movement as we tell the story of Jesus!