Children's Ministries

Sunday Ministries for Kids of All Ages at Five Mile!

Beginning with the tiniest babies in the nursery, the Five Mile family FM Kids Minbelieves everyone can learn of God's love and grace, whether through the example set by the loving people around them, or by the study of the Bible that gives instruction and help for our daily lives. 

    • Children's Church:  Because the Five Mile family wants to get to know and love children in the church, all children begin with worship with the church family in the sanctuary at 10:00 a.m. At approximately 10:30, children in grades 1-6 are dismissed for a special kid-friendly message taught through Bible stories, games and activities. Kids learn through experiencing a story in many ways, and we are always looking for ways to help them understand how the truths of the Bible apply to their young lives.
    • Nursery is available for the Sunday service for children 2-4 years old.
    • Wellness screenings are conducted when children are checked in for the nursery or to go to Children's Church.


We use a lot of movement to teach about Jesus, including October Kids Ministrymusic to dance to as we praise the Lord, games to make our minds work on solving Bible puzzles, and sometimes candy! Usually, we have healthy snacks, such as fruit, for our snacks, so don't worry. We don't junk food very often :) Our basis for teach is always the Bible and what it says about our lives. 

Child Safety
We care about the children who are entrusted to us! When we meet in person you can be assured of the following standards:

  • All children's volunteers complete a background check and each is chosen for their unique abilities and teaching talents geared toward children.  
  • We carefully clean and sanitize surfaces and classroom supplies.
  • We take allergies seriously, too.  When we have snacks, we try to be very careful about what we serve.  We are experienced in offering gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free snacks. When your child attends Five Mile, please notify their teachers of any allergies they have.
  • We have a behavior expectation policy. Parents and guardians will be given a copy of this policy when they first visit Five Mile, and every year around the first part of September just as a reminder or to catch up to any changes that have been made.

Sunday Worship in Three Services
Sun, June 02, 2024