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Rehema Asumani
Associate Pastor, Swahili Ministries

After arriving in Boise, Idaho, I was very interested in finding a Church of the Nazarene to call my church home, but I had trouble figuring out how to find the Nazarenes. You see, I was raised in a Nazarene outreach church in the Kigoma refugee camp in Tanzania. Language and cultural barriers made this difficult, but one day, I found Five Mile Church of the Nazarene when we were helping some friends move. I joyfully let other refugees know about my discovery! We began attending Five Mile Church in February 2020, but then Covid slowed down our ability to enjoy worship together. Since then, Pastor Ben Turner has helped us establish a Swahili-speaking worship service on Sundays at 10 a.m. 

We often meet together for combined services in Swahili and English, but Five Mile Kanisa Swahili services allow us to sing, drum and worship as we are used to in our homeland of Congo. We praise God for bringing us to our church home! You can enjoy Five Mile worship in English or Swahili and find acceptance and love.