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Pastor Lacey Kilgore
Pastor to Women/Pastoral Assistant

Hi there.  My name is Lacey Kilgore, and I am the Pastor to Women and Pastoral Assistant at Five Mile; which means I do all sorts of things from the bulletin you receive on Sunday to special projects. My love and joy is to spend time with women, because there are many needs that women have that don't fit tidily in a box. Coffee time is more than having a beverage. For me it has always meant making connections, praying with someone in need, and caring deeply for others who are in pain or who have a special joy in their lives. 

I am a "local" girl having been raised in Emmett. I have lived in Kuna since my kids were very little. My husband, Steve, is a coach at Kuna High School and we absolutely love the Treasure Valley. We are blessed to live close to our four grown sons and their families. We love our grandkids!

I am very excited to minister to the people of Five Mile and I know God has more in store for the entire FM Family.

I believe that at Five Mile, you will find many fun and very real people just like yourself!  It is a place where you will find people who genuinely want to get to know you.  I can’t wait to see you at church!

~Pastor Lacey