Five Mile Church of the Nazarene
2701 S. Five Mile Road
Boise, ID 83709

Phone: 208-362-3100
Fax: 208-362-3100

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A Taste Of Heaven
Five Mile seeks to live by the core values of Christlikeness, Biblical Guidance, Integrity, Inclusive Love, and Community.

We believe these values flow from the Holy Spirit and infuse and transform each of us into God's likeness. As we step into this flow of Grace, y
ou are invited to Step into the Flow of Grace with the Five Mile Church!

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The Five Mile Vision is based upon Ezekiel 47:9Five Mile Flow

"Where the river flows, everything will live." 
We believe we are participants with Christ in bringing life to others as we flow out of the sanctuary of worship 
and spill into our world. We seek to love, heal, protect, help, encourage, and, in every way possible, transform our neighborhood and our world by sharing the Gospel of Christ.


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Easter Worship & Celebration
Easter Sunday, March 31

Please join in the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ

at 8 AM, 10 AM, and 1:30 PM

Tafadhali jiunge katika kusherehekea Ufufuo wa Kristo, 8 AM, 10 AM, na 1:30 PM

Choose the service that fits you, and enjoy a breakfast fellowship at 9 AM!
Chagua huduma inayokufaa, na ufurahie ushirika wa kiamsha kinywa saa 9 AM!

¡Elige el servicio que más te convenga y disfruta de un desayuno en compañerismo a las 9 AM!
blue sky and mountains

You Are Welcome Here! Unakaribishwa hapa! ¡Eres bienvenido aquí!

Many Streams, One River


Come Step into the River and Live!

many streams one riverMany Streams, One River
Many Nations, One Body




» Rev. Ben Turner
Lead Pastor

» Rehema Asumani
Associate Pastor, Swahili Ministries

» Carson Tracy
Youth Pastor