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Ministries at Five Mile Church of the Nazarene

In all things, the staff and volunteers at Five Mile Church of the Nazarene seek to help each person on their spiritual journey.  Whether you are participating in the worship team, learning biblical truths in a classroom setting, sitting in a support group for parents, or are involved in another aspect of learning or ministry, our prayer is that you will know you have been touched by Jesus when you go back to your daily tasks.  God bless you in every part of your life!

Home Groups (resuming soon)
Home groups are a great way to dig deeper into the rich Word of God. They also offer a time to get together with others who are ready for the next step in the story God is writing into their lives. Come and join one of these groups and grow deeper!
Sunday Outdoor Worship
Starting July 26th, Five Mile will begin worship services outside at 10 a.m. (before it gets too hot!). We will have seating in chairs, but you can sit in your car if you prefer. We will also live stream the service at if you prefer to be at home.

Why will we do this? Because it is hard to be a community in isolation. Being together means we will pray, raise our voices in worship, and ask the Lord to touch this world spiritually and physically. 

We will still keep distance, have sanitizer, carefully clean surfaces, and be mindful of your health, but it is time to be the Body of Christ in person.

Student Ministries - Resuming Soon!
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Currently, youth group activities are suspended. We will update this page as soon as we can resume some of our activities!

Children's Ministries
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At Five Mile, we take ministry to children seriously...but we have a lot of fun in the process! We are currently suspending Sunday School and Wednesday night in-person ministries. We are doing Children's Church outside on Sundays.

We will start with the adults in "big church" outside on the north side of the building, then take the kids to another grassy area for songs, games, Bible stories, and kid talk. We will be careful to use social distancing by clustering siblings together, but we will also use hand sanitizer before we handout papers, markers or crayons. We ask that kids over 3 attempt to keep a mask on. The leaders will have a mask on. If they don't have a mask, we can provide some cloth masks made lovingly by one of our ladies at church. They will have kid colors and adjustable ear loops.

Read below for what we usually experience in the kids department at Five Mile! (We sure hope and pray we can all resume "regular" activities soon.)