Christ-likeness is central to the Five Mile mission. Walking with the Holy Spirit, the goal is to live in such a way that people see Christ's love displayed in all that we do and say. 

Biblical Guidance  The Word of God preached, taught and lived by God's people is absolutley necessary. There are many voices that vie for our attention today, but the Word of God must be the foundation to live the mission of Communitybeing the hands and feet of Jesus.

Integrity  Many individuals and businesses today claim integrity as a core value, but not all exemplify it. All of us fall short of our goals for integrity at times, but the Five Mile family continues to pray and believe that God's Holy Spirit can and will transform each of us as we rely upon Him.

Inclusive Love  Five Mile provides many opportunities for growth. While Five Mile cannot provide every conceivable program, you will be loved and included in the family. You will find opportunities to be included and in service, friendship and comfort within the Five Mile Family.

Community   We all have a need to belong. The Church is called to be a community of faith; a place where everyone can find a place of connection, love, service, and responsibility. The Family of God is a place of belonging; of ownership in something larger than ourselves. We believe that community is more than the people who pass through our doors, but that community extends to our neighbors across the street and across the world. Jesus calls us to love our neighbor -- and even our enemies -- as we love ourselves. The Five Mile family is called to love and to live in community. You are invited to do the same!