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Step Into the Flow of Grace
by Pastor Ben
Ezekiel was a man of God. In his book, he shares a vision in chapter 47 verses 1-12. A river started out as a trickle at God's altar in the temple. As it flowed out of the temple, it became a creek, then a stream. It finally became a roaring river that could not be crossed. The river nourished life. It flowed into the Dead Sea which became teeming with fish of all kinds. Fruit trees became heavy with fruit and the abundant tree leaves could be used to heal. People fished along the banks and caught fish of every kind.

flow of graceJesus said his followers -- disciples -- would be fishers of men. We believe we are here for people of every kind. He sent his believers into this world to bring help and healing to the soul, mind, and body. We are here to help you discover God's grace that is as sweet as a healing balm.

As the believers at Five Mile begin 2018, we invite you to step into the Flow of Grace with us. We will discover together how to experience God's grace through prayer, worship, the Word, discipleship, and other means of grace. Step into this flow. Put your toes in and trust Him.