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Dr. Diane Leclerc
College & Career Ministries

Hi!  I am Dr. Diane Leclerc, and I am the Pastor of College & Career Ministries at Five Mile.

I live in Boise with my husband, Paul, and my son Ethan.  I grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland, attended and graduated from Eastern Nazarene College and then graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary. After my graduate work, I went back east to pastor a church in Maine, where I met my husband, Paul.  I went on to Drew University in New Jersey, where I finished my doctoral thesis. I began teaching Christian theology at NNU in 1998.  In my first few years in the Valley, I helped to plant and pastor a community church with a liturgical emphasis in Boise, Epworth Chapel on the Green.

Why should you consider Five Mile when there are tons of other options?  Here are my reasons-

  • This is an incredibly friendly church that will feel a lot like a “home church” to you.
  • We are relatively small (120 or so), and so we will know if you are there or not.  (It's nice to be noticed and missed!)
  • We will invest in your life, and love all over you.

I love this church because everyone is so real.  You don’t have to come and put on your “Sunday best” -- either inside or outside. Come just as you are, with all your joys or all your sorrows, and you will be completely accepted.

We want you, and maybe more importantly, we need you and I believe you need this church family. 

May God bless and keep you,
Diane Leclerc, Ph.D.